Why Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When You Travel?

Have you ever head of the proverb, “Pack a crayon in your pocket when traveling”? After hearing this, is the question “Why put a crayon in your wallet when you travel?” going through your mind? 

This old saying may seem peculiar, but it can actually be helpful when traveling. Carrying a crayon while traveling can provide numerous benefits, making it an invaluable asset. From helping to make notes and labels on the go to becoming an easy way of entertaining children during long trips, having a crayon in your wallet is a travel tip you likely didn’t think you needed. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of carrying a crayon while traveling, including what type to choose, how to pack it safely into your wallet, and offering alternative options if you don’t want one in your wallet. We’ll also look at some alternative options if putting a crayon in your wallet doesn’t appeal to you.

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Benefits of Carrying a Crayon in Your Wallet When You Travel

Carrying a crayon in your wallet when you travel can be incredibly convenient and cost-effective. It can be more economical than purchasing markers or pens while also providing the convenience of making notes or drawing on the go. Crayons are much safer than other writing utensils since they don’t contain sharp edges, unlike pencils, that could cause injury.

Crayons are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for slipping into even the smallest pockets or compartments. This means travelers can easily access their favorite crayons whenever needed without worrying about lugging around bulky art supplies. Additionally, because crayons don’t require ink refills, like pens, travelers never have to worry about running out of material mid-trip.

Cost savings is another great advantage of putting crayons in your wallet traveling. Instead of spending money on expensive markers or pens at every destination, you only need one trusty box of colorful wax sticks tucked away in your wallet. And if there’s ever an emergency where you need something written down quickly – no problem. Just pull out your trusty pocket companion and jot down whatever needs to be remembered immediately without breaking the bank. This wallet hack / traveling hack is the real deal!

Key Takeaway: Stowing a crayon in your pocketbook when journeying is a must. It’s featherweight, conveniently sized, and cost-efficient. It allows travelers to always have their favorite colors on hand without breaking the bank.

Types of Crayons to Carry When You Travel

When selecting a crayon for journeying, there are numerous possibilities to consider. Standard crayons are the most basic and familiar option, offering bright colors that work well on almost any surface. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily find one that fits in your wallet or bag without taking up too much space.

Waterproof crayons are ideal for those who plan to be outdoors or near water during their travels. These crayons remain vibrant and smudge-free even when exposed to moisture, making them perfect for activities, such as the beach or a poolside drawing.

Finally, multi-purpose crayons provide multiple colors in one convenient package. They often include wax and oil-based formulas, so you can easily switch between drawing on paper or other surfaces. Whichever type of crayon you choose, make sure it’s small enough to fit comfortably into your wallet without taking up too much room. 

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How to Pack a Crayon in Your Wallet for Traveling Purposes

Choosing the right size and type of crayon for your wallet is essential to ensure it fits properly and will only take up a little space. A standard-sized crayon is usually the best choice for a wallet due to its compact size and affordability. Waterproof crayons can be a viable option, though they are usually more costly than the standard type.

Once you’ve opted for a suitable crayon, encasing it in a covering material before putting it into your wallet is essential. This will help prevent any wax from melting onto other items in your wallet (such as credit cards) or on its lining over time. A simple plastic bag or even a cloth should do the trick nicely.

Finally, consider storing the wrapped crayon in an external pocket or compartment of your wallet so that you can easily access it when needed without having to dig through all of its contents first. Doing this will ensure you always have quick access to whatever color you need while on the go without having to fumble around looking for it at an inconvenient moment.

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Tips for Using a Crayon While Traveling

Using a simple crayon while traveling can be incredibly convenient and cost-effective for making notes or drawing maps. However, using the right color for different situations is essential, such as keeping the tip sharpened and ready and being mindful of where you store used and unused pieces of the crayon.

Select the right color for each situation when using a crayon on your travels. For example, if you write down directions in a dark alleyway at night, black will probably be more visible than yellow or pink. If you need to make something noticeable on a map, go for vivid hues like red or orange, which is more conspicuous than dim tints. It pays off to think ahead about what kind of environment you may find yourself in when choosing which colors of crayons to bring with you.

It also helps immensely if your crayon has a sharp point so that its mark is precise and legible; this means taking care not only when packing them but also during their usage, as blunt tips can render any drawing illegible or even unrecognizable. To ensure maximum longevity from your set of travel-friendly art supplies, take some time before leaving home (or wherever else) to sharpen up all your points by running them along an emery board or sandpaper. Don’t forget those little nooks either, as they tend to accumulate dirt over time.

Having a crayon in your pocket when on the go can be extremely useful, but picking an appropriate hue for various scenarios is essential. Alternatives, such as pencils, markers, or highlighters, may also provide helpful solutions depending on what kind of writing instrument you need while traveling.

Key Takeaway: Having a crayon when you journey is an excellent travel tip to abide by as it can help you scribble down reminders or sketch out directions. Be sure to pick the right color and keep them sharpened up.

Alternatives to Carrying a Crayon in Your Wallet When You Travel

Carrying a pencil instead of a crayon can be an ideal option for travelers due to its lightweight and portability. They are easy to carry, making them convenient for any journey. Pencils provide a practical solution for making quick notes or jotting down essential details while moving, as they can be quickly sharpened. 

Markers offer a more excellent range of vibrancy than pencils but still provide the same convenience and portability when traveling. With markers having larger tips, it’s easier to quickly jot down important words or phrases without needing to sharpen them as often as with pencils. 

Markers come in an array of sizes and shades, so you can effortlessly discover one that meets your demands, be it for paper or whiteboards/chalkboards. This is particularly useful if you need to create signs or labels while traveling that require bright colors which stand out from afar. If making signs or labels for use at airports or train stations where people may not always know their way around due to unfamiliarity with the area’s layout and language barriers, markers are an excellent idea. 

Highlighters are another excellent option for travelers who want something even brighter than markers yet still portable enough for any trip. Highlighters allow users to emphasize specific text by drawing attention directly toward it, which can be very helpful when studying documents quickly before moving on to other tasks associated with travel plans, such as booking flights and hotels. 

Highlighters come in many colors, providing plenty of room for creativity when highlighting critical points within written material, whether printed off online beforehand or found inside guidebooks, newspaper articles, brochures, or maps.

Key Takeaway: For those on the move, pencils, markers, and highlighters offer a convenient way to capture information quickly or add creative flair to their materials. With so many colors available, they also allow users to get creative with their writing choices.


Why should you put a red crayon in your wallet while traveling?

For easy identification, placing a red crayon in your wallet while traveling can be an effective way to keep track of important documents. Red is a color that stands out and can be easily spotted if misplaced, so it serves as a reminder to always have these documents with you. 

What is the crayon-in-wallet trick?

The crayon-in-the-wallet trick, or wallet life hack, is a simple way to help prevent you from losing your wallet. Inserting a vivid crayon inside your wallet makes it stand out and deter thieves. The bright color will draw attention and potentially alert thieves even when placed among other items in a bag or pocket. This could scare them away and make them think twice about taking your belongings without permission. 

Suppose someone still takes your wallet with the crayon inside. In that case, you’ll know right away because of its bright hue, making it easier for authorities to locate and return it to you safely.

How can a crayon save someone’s life?

A simple crayon can be employed to save someone’s life in various ways. Firstly, if you are lost or stranded outdoors, a bright-colored crayon can leave clues or signal for help by writing on trees and rocks. That is a good reason enough for carrying crayons. This wallet hack can make the difference between life and death.

Finally, having multiple colors available allows for creative problem-solving, such as making camouflage patterns or creating decoys that may distract predators from you in dangerous situations. Access to even just one crayon could save your life in many unexpected scenarios while you’re traveling.


Bringing a crayon along on your travels can be an easy and practical way to ensure you’re always equipped for artistic endeavors while away. A crayon’s versatility, portability, and convenience make it an ideal choice for travelers of all kinds. 

Before embarking on your journey, consider the type of crayon best suited to your needs and how it should be stored. Additionally, some great alternatives are available if carrying a crayon isn’t feasible or desired. Having one tucked away in your wallet could prove invaluable when inspiration strikes.

Take the guesswork out of your next vacation and make sure you are prepared for any situation. It’s essential to put a crayon (or put crayons) in your wallet when traveling so you can always be ready!

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