Are There Sharks in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a beautiful tropical island located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a US territory island that extends over 100 miles from east to west and about 39 miles from north to south. Puerto Rico is known for being one of the worlds leading rum producers, accounting for most … Read more

Antigua VS St. Lucia 2022 Comparison & Review

Antigua and St. Lucia are two destinations sheltered within the Caribbean with crystalline turquoise waters and breathtaking beaches. Both islands are the perfect retreat for honeymooners and adventure seekers hoping to record some memories for their journal books. Many are conflicted on where to go as most people think that all islands across the Caribbean … Read more

Fiji VS Tahiti: 2022 Comparison and Review

The South Pacific Ocean is an unspoiled paradise offering a multitude of vacation options to visitors, but there are two that seem to be on the top of everyone’s priority list – Fiji and Tahiti. Fiji and Tahiti may differ in the experience they offer including the culture and landscape. But, unsurprisingly, one will suit … Read more

Disneyland vs Disney World

When I was a kid I wanted to go to Disneyland and Walt Disney World so badly that I would frequently watch the free Disney Vacation Guide VHS you could request. I never made it to either resort as a child, but have been lucky enough to go to Disneyland and Disney World in adulthood. … Read more

Universal Studios vs Disney World

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida are both exceptional theme parks with a variety of rides, over-the-top decorative elements, good food, and fun character experiences. I definitely think that both parks are worth visiting. If you have the time and budget to visit multiple theme parks during your Florida vacation, then stop reading this … Read more

Mt Whitney Gear List

Even experienced trail runners find it challenging to climb Mt Whitney. It’s the highest mountain in the United States and the Sierra Nevada, with an elevation of 4,421 meters or 14,505 feet. Its trail camp starts in Inyo National Forest, located at Whitney Portal, 8,300 feet above sea level, before reaching the summit in Sequoia … Read more

Best Places for Skydiving in Iowa

Skydiving has become increasingly popular in Iowa and some are even calling Knoxville, Iowa the skydiving capital of the world. Skydiving is the process by which a person jumps out of an airplane and completes maneuvers in the sky while free-falling, before landing with a parachute. It is a popular sport in the United States … Read more

Things to Do in Los Alamos CA

As a traveler, deciding which destination to visit next has always been my dilemma. The world is filled with many hidden gems, making it challenging to choose my next travel destination. I recently discovered Los Alamos, California. It’s a funky old town in California’s Central Coast founded in 1876 and is only a 12-minute drive … Read more

7 Things to Consider When Weighing Puerto Vallarta vs Cabo San Lucas

Any coastal Mexican vacation is going to give you the essential beach getaway basics: fresh seafood, Mexican culture, and all-inclusive resorts. Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas are no exception. There are key differences though. Here are seven things to think about when comparing Puerto Vallarta vs Cabo San Lucas. Climate and Geography Both Puerto … Read more

13 of the Best Shem Creek Restaurants

Eating at local restaurants will make any trip more fun and memorable. And if you’re heading to Shem Creek soon, fret not, as the place houses some of South Carolina’s best restaurants. Regardless of what type of cuisine you’re after – whether it’s fresh seafood, French cuisine, or Southern staples, Shem Creek will not disappoint. … Read more

Best Surfing Spots in Scotland

Most people do not think of surfing when they think of Scotland. Rolling green hills and expansive stone castles come to mind, overtaking the greater part of the luscious countryside with breathtaking beauty. Scotland is also famous for golf and where the game was originally invented. Less known to the general population, the United Kingdom’s … Read more

No matter where you live, adventure is much closer than you think

But how puny and harmless they now looked beside this huge and terrific incarnation of hate, of vengeance and of death. The man himself, for such I may call him, was fully fifteen feet in height and, on Earth, would have weighed some four hundred pounds. He sat his mount as we sit a horse, grasping the animal’s barrel with his lower limbs, while the hands of his two right arms held his immense spear low at the side of his mount; his two left arms were outstretched laterally to help preserve his balance, the thing he rode having neither bridle or reins of any description for guidance.

And his mount! How can earthly words describe it! It towered ten feet at the shoulder; had four legs on either side; a broad flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root, and which it held straight out behind while running; a gaping mouth which split its head from its snout to its long, massive neck.

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