The Cliff Bay Hotel – Madeira, Funchal

What can I say – we are hoping to have our 33rd holiday booked for September this year, this Ican tell you how much we enjoy visiting this beautiful island. We – a family of four – had our first holiday and stayed in Machico where the airport is many years ago and have been … Read more

Club HQ, Escape Room – Harrogate

Club HQ – Live Escape Room If your looking for something unique, challenging and exhilarating then this is definitely something you should try. You hear various reviews of Escape rooms and I understand that there are such a variety out there. I have tried a few and Club HQ still remains my favourite. Teams of … Read more

Phesant Inn, Casterton – Kirkby Lonsdale

Pheasant Inn, Casterton, Carnforth LA6 2RX Staying – 25th to 28th June 2019 It was a very hot few days when we visited the Pheasant Inn, we booked it as it was near enough to the lakes to be a relaxing break but not with the lakes pricing attached to the hotel and a bit … Read more

Best Surfing Spots in Scotland

Most people do not think of surfing when they think of Scotland. Rolling green hills and expansive stone castles come to mind, overtaking the greater part of the luscious countryside with breathtaking beauty. Scotland is also famous for golf and where the game was originally invented. Less known to the general population, the United Kingdom’s … Read more

Pestana Village, Madeira Review

Pestana Village Garden Resort Aparthotel, Madeira – 31st August 2018 – 10 nights I won’t pretend to tell you a fib and tell you that this is the first time we have been to Madeira, in fact I lost count after the 10th time. Madeira was always the venue for our family holidays since me … Read more

No matter where you live, adventure is much closer than you think

But how puny and harmless they now looked beside this huge and terrific incarnation of hate, of vengeance and of death. The man himself, for such I may call him, was fully fifteen feet in height and, on Earth, would have weighed some four hundred pounds. He sat his mount as we sit a horse, grasping the animal’s barrel with his lower limbs, while the hands of his two right arms held his immense spear low at the side of his mount; his two left arms were outstretched laterally to help preserve his balance, the thing he rode having neither bridle or reins of any description for guidance.

And his mount! How can earthly words describe it! It towered ten feet at the shoulder; had four legs on either side; a broad flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root, and which it held straight out behind while running; a gaping mouth which split its head from its snout to its long, massive neck.

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